Black Friday at Runway!

Hey there Fashionistas!

 Welcome to our NEW Runway Fashion Exchange Tacoma blog!  We are gearing up for the winter and holiday season so you can find all the greatest deals.  All your winter essentials15032325_817618025007437_5642037526712261110_n.jpg are right here.  Not only do we always have a great selection of new and gently used coats, hats, scarves and sweaters, we sell them at the best prices anywhere!  Plus, if you come in for our HUGE Black Friday sale on November 25th from 10 am until 12 pm the whole store is 50% OFF!  To add even more, anytime you make a purchase in November you will be entered into our Black Friday Raffle.
15134778_822128027889770_3860119997554235909_n.jpgThe Raffle starts at 9:30 am Black Friday morning outside the store.  As long as you are in line you have a chance at winning awesome prizes like gift cards, coupons, and fun activities around Tacoma.  Our GRAND prize is the opportunity to get into the store to shop the same before anyone else.  Imagine jumping the whole line and getting first dibs on our 50% off deals without the crowd!

We are super excited for it and love being a part of kicking off your holiday shopping season.  Happy Holidays shoppers and see you Friday, November 25th.

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